Rush Backstage Meet and Greets

You could meet Alex and Geddy, just like Mary did in Nashville (if you win the RUSH BACKSTAGE weekly meet and greet contest)! Mary is one of our lucky weekly meet and greet contest winners. Enter today at

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4 Responses to Rush Backstage Meet and Greets

  1. Mary Palumbo says:

    It was the dream of a lifetime to meet Alex and Geddy, they were both very nice to us. Everyone was actually laughing at me in the picture. When I saw them, I immediately forgot what I wanted to say to them, and was trying not to cry. When Geddy saw my face, he asked my husband, John, “Is she going to be OK?” He told them, “Yes, she will be fine!” (John expected me to freak out, like that!!)
    Then Alex got this big smile on his face and was giggling, and told me “Oh I know, I get that excited when I see Geddy, too!!” We were all laughing at that, and that was when the guy took our picture. So I just want to say, “Rush Backstage Club, Thank you for picking me for the Meet and Greet!!!” And to Alex, “Thank you for making me laugh, so I wasn’t crying for the picture!!”

  2. leebool says:

    Wow Mary, Must have been a very special experience. Fingers crossed for those that have entered for the remaining shows. Me included! :-)

    • Mary Palumbo says:

      Yes, leebool,
      It was very special to me, I have been a huge fan of RUSH for over 30 years now!! Their music is EVERYTHING to me, I have it on all the time!! My fingers are crossed for you too, Good Luck!! ;)

  3. Jaylan says:

    A million thanks for posting this inrmfoation.

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